What's New

New updates and improvements to Wingman AI.



  • added Timer: Let your Wingman delay and time command executions or responses
  • added VoiceChanger: Let your Wingman change its voice automatically and customisable
  • added WebSearch: Searches the web using the DuckDuckGo search engine. You can also specify a specific page/URL that it will crawl.
  • added TypingAssistant: Let your Wingman type text for you (in any app etc.)
  • added QuickCommands: Learn command phrases you use regularly and auto-convert them to instant activation commands to execute them faster
  • added Vision: Use AI to take and analyse a live screenshot, then ask questions about it
  • added FileHandler: Read and create files and directories
  • UEXCorp now supports even more UEX API v2 features and no longer requires an API key
  • ControlWindows can now use your clipboard and supports window snapping

Features & Changes
  • added Clippy Wingman - the famous assistant we all know and hate, now resurrected with AI powers and using a lot of our new skills. He resides in a new config name “General”.
  • added AI avatar generation for your Wingman using DALL-E
  • improved the quality of all of our audio effects a lot
  • “ROBOT” sound effect is now called “AI”
  • “RADIO” sound effect now has 3 different variants to simulate a low/medium/high quality radio device
  • new Apollo Beep sound
  • Your Wingman can now say instant filler responses (like “Give me a second to…”) for long-running tasks
  • The Wingman AI Client can now render Markdown responses with links, images, different text formats etc. (like SlickGPT)
  • you can now define multiple commands with the same instant activation phrase and they’ll all be executed (with a better response) if you say the phrase
  • Wingman AI client no longer saves your entire Wingman configuration but only the differences to the defaults.yaml config. This is a huge change and will help us with future config migrations and allow us to finally make the defaults editable in the UI in a later version.

  • fixed renamed or deleted default Configs/Wingmen being recreated on restart
  • fixed a bug enabling Voice Activation even if it was disabled in the Settings if you (accidentally) pressed the un/mute key (default: Shift+x)
  • fixed a bug causing dependencies defined by Skills not being loaded properly
  • fixed drag&drop to reorder action “rows” in the Commands tab
  • fixed silent error/crash on start when no mic is connected
  • added missing Azure STT language selection for Voice Activation (or PTT with external clients) in Settings
  • fixed creating new configs from templates ("Empty" vs. "Star Citizen")
  • fixed conversation not being cleared if the "clear button" was clicked in "View all" terminal mode
  • fixed mouse button actions not being displayed in the Command list


  • added the updated UEXCorp skill that now works with the new UEX API v2.0
  • Free users can now fully explore (but not save) all skills in the client
  • StarHead skill is now attached to the Computer Wingman by default so that Free users can use it
  • improved default contexts of our demo Wingmen
  • fixed a bug with un/muting that lead to Voice Activation being enabled when it shouldn't
  • fixed an issue when handling Alt Gr in command bindings
  • fixed renamed default Wingmen being recreated on restart
  • fixed a bug caused by Wingmen without configured activation keys
  • fixed a bug with saving the Basic configuration
  • gpt-4o for Wingman Pro/Ultra is now served via Azure (instead of OpenAI)


  • Added gpt-4o model. The latest & greatest from OpenAI ticks all the boxes for Wingman AI, so we are making it the new default model for... everything. We've even removed the gpt-3.5-turbo and gpt-4-turbo options because we're sure we won't need them anymore. General responses should already be significantly faster, and it will get much faster once OpenAI unlocks audio input/output to the API. The model also seems to work well with our new contexts and capabilities. Please let us know (with examples) if we are wrong!
  • StarHead is now a Skill, meaning you can attach it to any Wingman.
  • Added new Control Windows Skill to launch applications, minimise/maximise Windows etc. For example, tell it to “Open Spotify”. Note that the skill currently only looks for applications in your Start Menu directory (%APPDATA%/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/Programs), so if it tells you that it cannot find an application, create a shortcut in that directory.
  • Added new Spotify Skill to play songs or playlists, "like” songs, control the playback device and more. The skill is very intelligent and honestly takes Spotify to another level because you can ask it things like: “Play the theme song from Bad Boys”. Try it out, it’s really good! You will need to create a developer account for your Spotify Premium account and then connect Wingman to it. The Spotify client has to be running on any one of your clients and must be playing a song. Otherwise, the Spotify Web API won't find any active device for your account. You can find more information and instructions on our Discord server.
  • Added Groq and OpenRouter (in favour of the old "Llama") as AI providers. You can select any of their models from a list in the UI, but only Mistral and Llama3 have been tested with AI function calls. However, you can use other models for roleplaying etc. and experiment with them. Our demo contexts may need to be tweaked to work properly with other models.
  • Added "Local LLM" as an AI provider. This makes it easier for you to connect to different models from different providers. Use Local LLM instead of the old OpenAI > Advanced > base_path setting to connect to Ollama, LMStudio etc. You can now enter your own custom model name and are no longer limited to the drop down choices in the client.
  • Updated default commands for Star Citizen 3.23. There have been a lot of changes in the last SC patch and our commands are by no means a complete mapping for everything. Feel free to improve these bindings and post your updates in Discord. We can collect your changes and then release them for everyone to use.
  • Added a handler and websocket allowing you to connect esp32 devices to Wingman AI. This is what we used in our Walkie Talkie for Wingman AI short video. We’ll publish a blog post about this but until then, contact @Timo if you’re interested in connecting external devices to Wingman AI using OpenInterpreter etc.
  • Added Debug Mode toggle to global settings. Enable this for more verbose system messages and additional benchmarks-
  • @JayMatthew’s beloved UEXCorp Wingman has already been converted to be a skill, too. Unfortunately, the UEXCorp API was changed completely yesterday, so he will fix the skill as soon as possible and you can then install it (without another Wingman AI update) when it’s done. You can even use it together with StarHead now! You may need to give special commands to determine which skill you want to prefer when asking for a good trading route. We are experimenting with this, but we need more data and experience from you, so please let us know how it goes.
  • fixed crashes when AI function calling with llama3 models

SlickGPT Pro (For Wingman Ultra users):
  • added gpt-4o model for both SlickGPT Free and Pro users
  • Free users can now use llama3 (for free via Groq) and mistral-large with their own API keys. We are waiting for a fix in Azure to serve these two options in our SlickGPT Pro backend.
  • various UI improvements on desktop & mobile viewports

Spotify skill


  • We updated the StarHead Wingman to support better trading data and added a new function to get detailed ship data. You can ask for ship details or even compare different ships or ship systems. Try something like "What is the difference between a Constellation Taurus and a Constellation Andromeda", for example.
  • We worked around the super slow performance of GPT-4-Turbo, so you can now use it again. It's still slower than GPT-3.5-Tubo.
  • Remove emotes from Audio Playback, if they are in the text result. Sometimes the AI want's to express emotions like this, but it was very annoying in the audio output.


  • Mistral AI has been added as a top class provider. You can use your own API key to access all their cloud models or use the most powerful one (mistral-large) with Wingman Pro. Please note that if you use Mistral, you will need to adapt your contexts, as it does not seem to handle our examples written for GPT very well. Mistral supports function calls, so start with "You are a helpful assistant", which should work with AI commands, and iterate from there.
  • We have also added experimental support for Llama3. It's all ready in Wingman AI, but not yet in Azure, so if you try to use it with Wingman Pro, your requests will time out. We are waiting for Microsoft to fix this and will let you know when it works (hopefully with no additional client update). Until then, you can use 3rd party providers like Groq (super fast!) or host it locally and play around with it. Function calls won't work yet because we need to write some more code to parse them, but you can already chat with it and run instant commands as usual.
  • Reworked command UI. You can now add mouse and write (text) actions. You can also delete individual actions from a command's action list and reorder them using drag and drop.
  • Improved Windows audio device settings. Wingman AI should now handle disconnected devices or changed hardware configurations much better.
  • Improved function call parsing to be more robust when using local LLMs.
  • Added a UI option to make OpenAI the default provider for all Wingmen settings. This makes it easier to use Wingman AI without a subscription. Note that you can still manually change your default provider in the config defaults.yaml in your config directory.

Unfortunately we have to change our payment provider for tax reasons. We are switching from Stripe to Paddle. We have already changed the whole process for new users/subscribers. If you have a subscription with Stripe, you can still manage it using the client and our website. We are currently trying to determine if we need to cancel and migrate current Stripe subscriptions. If you would like to help with the transition, please cancel in Stripe and then re-subscribe with Paddle if your subscription has expired. You don't need to do anything at the moment, but if this changes we'll let you know!

1.1.1 (Hotfix)

  • fixed error when switching config
  • text input is now disabled if the focused Wingman is disabled


  • You can now send text messages to your Wingmen! To do so:
  • Select a Wingman in the bar on the left to open a filtered "Focus view" which only shows the conversation history with this particular Wingman. If you talk to another Wingman while in this mode, the view will automatically switch to the activated Wingman. Select "View all" to see the shared "Terminal" with messages of all your Wingmen (as usual).
  • fixed handling of "extended" keys and added a default "hold time" of 0.1s which should greatly improve keypress command executions. If you had "Wingman doesn't press the key" issues before, please try again with this version!
  • added "extended macro" recordings, meaning that key down/up events will be recorded separately. This gives you more flexibility to record complex and staggered macros
  • The client now has a button to reset the conversation history (in both Focus and Terminal view)
  • reworked "energy threshold" controls for Voice Activation in the client. It's no longer a slider but a numeric input with presets (low/standard/custom) and better hint texts to explain what meaningful values are.
  • fixed Microsoft password policy to be less restrictive
  • fixed Conversation/Summarize model not being saved properly when using the client
  • changed/moved various API endpoint URLs


  • added user authentication (to the client)
  • added Wingman Pro as new default provider with several choices for you: STT: Azure Speech or OpenAI Whisper (via Azure); TTS: Azure TTS or OpenAI TTS (via Azure); AI Conversation & Summarization: gpt-3.5-turbo or gpt-4-turbo (via Azure); Voice Activation: A special implementation of Azure Speech STT; Regions: Europe or USA - pick the nearest for best latency!
  • ElevenLabs: output streaming can now be disabled; lowered default latencyOptimization (from 3 to 2) to prevent choppy audio
  • added OpenAI base_url and organization params to the UI, allowing you to plug in a local LLM as stand-in replacement (or a proxy) easily
  • added a lot of hint texts to the UI & updated docs
  • migrated to new elevenlabslib version and updated all important packages
  • stop current playback if a new one starts, preventing "overlapping" audio
  • Voice Activation now prefilters all recordings and checks if they contain frequency bands resembling human voice
  • print version number and update notification on start
  • fixed some keybinding issues with "special” keys like Alt and Alt Gr
  • fixed Star Citizen "SelfDestruct" command not being executed due to moderation policies
  • fixed a crash occurring on command execution
  • fixed Azure speech languages not being passed correctly
  • fixed a performance problem with Voice Activation
  • fixed Wingman initialization errors not showing up in the UI
  • fixed a problem causing slowdowns if whispercpp was configured but not running
  • fixed a bug preventing to change the AI model to gpt-4-turbo when using Azure
  • fixed StarHead not setting gpt-4-turbo as default model correctly

Known issues:
  • gpt-4-turbo via Azure/Wingman Pro is VERY slow at the moment. Microsoft is informed and (hopefully) working on it.
  • Voice Activation sends way too many blank messages to the STT provider. We found a cool solution that we will test until the final release but it’s not in the RC yet.
  • If you only see a blank white screen after starting the client: Close Wingman AI. Delete this directory: %APPDATA%/Local/com.wingman.dev. Restart Wingman AI.

Happy Easter holidays and have fun!


  • Elevenlabs and Azure Speech now support real output audio streaming, meaning that they’ll start playback significantly faster than before. Edge and local XVASynth are fast enough to not require it and OpenAI still has an open issue that we're observing and waiting for an official fix before we implement it.
  • You’re now auto-muted during playback so that Wingmen will no longer talk to themself endlessly (when using external speakers or over-sensitive mics)
  • playback can now be stopped (with a button in the client, not with voice because you’re muted during playback)
  • client now shows playback state in the Wingman Card (similar to the “recording dot”) fixed key recording with modifiers and some special keys like numpad keys
  • added Feedback view where you can post and vote for feature requests and see what we’re currently working on. This is also available at https://wingman-ai.canny.io/.
  • added a changelog widget to “Core version” in the Settings view. It’s now a button that turns orange when the Core version is outdated (temporary solution). Note that the oudated state will not work during the pre-test phase - beta2 will always be "green" until we go public.
  • add option to force commands to be triggered by instant activation. This fixes AI calling the ResetHistoryCommand for no apparent reason
  • Voice activation now allows to to have no “Default Wingman” configured and you can “undefault” a Wingman in the client
  • added new OpenAI 0125 models. You can use them already with your own OpenAI API key but Azure does not support them yet. We’ll add them as soon as they’re available.
  • ResetHistoryCommand is now a “system command” that cannot be edited in the client
  • moved Light/Dark mode toggle to Settings view
  • updated documentation and added Linux Setup HowTo (community-based, not officially supported)
  • fixed a bug that would break the config when changing the Mute key in the client
  • fixed a validation bug that would prevent you from changing Elevenlabs “slider” settings
  • fixed a bug that unmuted Voice activation when a push-to-talk key was activated
  • fixed Custom Wingman property hints not showing
  • changing config or deleting a Wingman now clears the Terminal in the client
  • fixed several labels & translations
  • fixed minor layout issues in the client


  • The open source "Wingman AI" is now called Wingman AI Core.It has been completely rewritten using FastAPI and Pydantic and is now basically a type-safe API that our (closed source) client uses. This is also great news for you: You can now basically do and trigger everything "from the outside" if you need to. Interface with your game, build your own client, embed it on a toaster... the possibilities are really endless. Once the core is up and running, check out - it's an interactive OpenAPI (ex: Swagger) spec!
  • Our package now includes the Wingman AI Core (backend) and our Wingman UI (client). The client will start the core silently in the background. If you don't want to use our client (or want to modify the Core), you can start it manually with WingmanAiCore.exe. Bonus: The client will detect an already running instance of the core, so you can hook it to a modified version, e.g. one running from source.
  • Config files are now stored in your OS-specific %APP_DATA% directory. On Windows this is something like C:\user\AppData\Roaming\ShipBit\Wingman AI\2_0_0_b2 and has a few advantages:
  • Configs are now versioned. If you install a newer version of Wingman AI Core later, your old configs will still be there.
  • Finally, you don't need admin privileges anymore. Really.
  • Windows automatically synchronizes the roaming directory across devices
  • The config structure has changed quite a bit. The most important change is that Wingmen configs now reside in their own files and are merged with a new defaults.yaml at runtime. If you are a Core-only user, you can still easily override what should be changed in a specific wingman. When you save a config with our client, the wingman config will contain everything, including a copy of the defaults. We always use the default config to create new wingmen, but you can't currently edit them in the UI. So if you always want to use 11Labs for all your new wingmen, change it in defaults.yaml and new wingmen will pick it up. If you ever mess up your config, just delete everything except secrets.yaml in your config directory, then restart Wingman AI. It will rebuild the default configs from our templates.
  • Voice Activation: You asked for it and we listened. You can now talk to your wingmen without having to press PTT. If you enable this feature in the (global) settings, you should define a "Default Wingman". You can always just talk to him without saying his name. To talk to the other wingmen in your active config, say their names anywhere in your sentence. This is not perfect, and if the name is misspelled, it won't work. So choose names that are easy to say. You can also press your wingmen's activation keys to force them to talk to you, even if voice activation is turned on. Voice activation is currently Azure Speech only. We'd like to add whispercpp as well, but it's not supported well enough for us yet. On our list though.
  • Command Key Recording: Use our new interface to actually "record" hotkeys (with our without modifiers) or more complex macros. Our preconfigured commands were recorded on a German Windows keyboard and may not work for other layouts. If you find a hotkey does not work, try rebinding it in the client.
  • New providers:
  • XVASynth: XVASynth is a local TTS provider installed through Steam that supports downloadable voices cloned from various games. Only available on Windows.
  • whispercpp: whispercpp is a local STT (transcription) provider and it's really, really fast. @teddybear082 has provided both adapter implementations for Wingman AI, and you can configure them using our client. Running and configuring them is up to you though, as we cannot bundle them.
  • Audio Device Settings: Finally, set your input (microphone) and output device using our client.
  • Lots of bug fixes, most importantly:
  • remember_messages no longer raises a tool_calls error and preserves your history correctly. Thanks to @jaymatthew.
  • Command execution should be much more robust now.
  • various 11Labs and Azure fixes

Our client has a ton of other new features that we'll leave you to explore. Some of the coolest are avatars for your wingmen, multiple configurations, live previews of voice & audio effects, and many, many more.
wingman-ui-1 wingman-ui-2 wingman-ui-3 wingman-ui-4
One last thing: Patreons are now getting the "full version" to try out. This will be "Wingman Pro" at some point in the future. There will also be a free basic version, but it might not have all the features. So please don't be disappointed if the day comes when we launch Pro and you don't have access to everything anymore. We know it feels bad to "take away" features, but we consider you our testers and of course we have to test everything.
Have fun and let us know what you think. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Known issues:

  • Azure's speech recognizer sometimes crashes on mute/unmute. Please be gentle with the mute toggle and if it crashes, just restart Wingman.
  • You currently cannot record Alt Gr, Esc, F5, and CTRL+F5. If you need to bind these, you can do so directly in your config file.
  • You currently cannot record mouse or "write" (=type) macros with the client. They do work, so you can add them to your config manually.


  • Produce a "HowTo setup & showcase" video
  • A lot of UI hints (the small "info") icons and texts are still missing.


  • Added Azure Speech integration to support speech-to-text


  • Fixed a sneaky bug that would cause Wingman to create temporary files in your system32 directory instead of in its extraction directory during certain moon phases. This could potentially lead to a false-positive Antivirus alert.
  • StarHead
  • now connects to their stable API endpoint instead of their test instance
  • deactivates itself gracefully if the remote API is unreachable


Sound & Audio

  • removed dependencies of ffmpeg and mpv, resulting in 450MB less payload and shrinking download size significantly
  • there are no more potential Windows spawned that can steal application focus
  • all sound output is now piped through a single audio stream, meaning that the output device can now be changed through Windows Audio Mixer reliably and will work regardless of the TTS provider. beta2 will have an option to set the audio device in the GUI.
  • AudioEffects are now purely programmatic:
  • very easy to modify and extend. We added a couple of new interior SFX to demonstrate.
  • now work for all TTS providers including 11Labs
  • are now stackable in the config
  • Config: sound is now its own section in the config and no longer part of features

  • the .exe is now signed properly and should no longer product Windows SmartScreen or AntiVirus false positives
  • renamed executable to WingmanAICore.exe. More about this in beta2...
  • API keys are now hidden by default in the Settings UI ("Streamer mode")
  • you can now select to auto-run the default config in the Settings UI, saving you to click "Run" on launch
  • fixed MacOS & Windows Dock/App icons
  • you can now set OpenAPI base_url and organization in the config which is useful if you're using a proxy or want to plug in a local LLM replacement for OpenAPI

  • 11Labs TTS:
  • config section has a clearer structure now to explain that you can either set name or id.
  • If both id and name are set, id is no longer ignored and takes precedence over name
  • fixed a bug where settings of the last configured Wingman could override the settings of all other/previous Wingmen
  • set latency default to 2 (from 3), resulting in less audio stuttering when playing longer replies
  • various doc fixes and updates

  • added Azure integration including their OpenAI API, TTS and STT. This is mainly a pre-requirement we'll need for beta2 but if you want to use your own Azure account in beta1, you can. Feel free to contact us with questions.

Known Issues
  • RADIO sound effect might sound "worse quality" than before. We can iterate on the new effect starting is this version
  • you'll see a black terminal Window when the client asks for a secret. Ignore that, it won't be a factor starting in beta2


  • added a lot more default SC keybindings to board-computerwingman
  • pulled OpenAI API key out of config.yaml to a new file called apikeys.yaml that Wingman will create for you. This way you can more easily share your config without accidentally exposing your API key.
  • you can now (re-)configure the GPT model for conversations and function responses
  • The new default is gpt-3.5-turbo-1106, down from gpt-4-1106-preview. This is 10 times cheaper in usage costs and should suffice for most of what you're doing. If you notice that something isn't working that was working in v1 or just want more horsepower, change it back to GPT-4 in the config! You still need GPT-4 for command executions as GPT-3.5 is not capable of doing that in Wingman.
  • improved error handling:
  • fixed None response in terminal, when command was executed
  • fixed a 400 error caused by recording that was was too short
  • fixed a 400 error caused by a missing toolcall response
  • we should generally see more and better error messages now
  • reformatted the config for better readability, added links and "visual" separators for commands
  • the Groot wingmen are now disabled by default but still commented out in the config and usable if you want to